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PANINI Fortnite Series 2: Reloaded

PANINI Fortnite Series 2: Reloaded : 2020
: 315

, Panini Epic Games.

315 : 250 65 .

Base cards:
190 RARITY cards
20 EVENT cards
40 SET cards
Special cards:
25 GLOWIN' cards (glow-in-the-dark ink)
20 POSTER cards (rainbow foil)
20 MOVIN' cards (lenticular material)

- (binder), - . 8 (flowpack) 26 (fatpack).

19 2020 , 10 . 26 (fatpack).
(100% )

: 135

16  12:29

5 . 9 (29  22:00)
15  00:17

14 . 58 (30  07:49)



: C " " ( 180 ). "" " / "

: 12

: 0

18-Ball / Epic outfit+RarityBase card909.00
2A.I.M / Legendary outfit+RarityBase card707.00
3Abstrakt / Epic outfit+RarityBase card606.00
4Airheart / Rare outfit+RarityBase card505.00
5Anarchy Agent / Uncommon outfit+RarityBase card505.00
6Arachne / Legendary outfit+RarityBase card505.00
7Armadillo / Uncommon outfit+RarityBase card515.00
8Asmodeus / Rare outfit+RarityBase card404.00
9Aura / Uncommon outfit+RarityBase card606.00
10B.R.U.T.E Navigator / Uncommon outfit+RarityBase card505.00
11Backbone / Rare outfit+RarityBase card404.00
12Battle Hound / Legendary outfit+RarityBase card404.00
13Beastmode (Jaguar) / Epic outfit+RarityBase card515.00
14Bendie / Rare outfit+RarityBase card707.00
15Big Chuggus / Slurp outfit+RarityBase card808.00
16Big Mouth / Epic outfit+RarityBase card505.00
17Birdie / Uncommon outfit+RarityBase card515.00
18Black Knight / Legendary outfit+RarityBase card606.00
19Bone Wasp / Epic outfit+RarityBase card505.00
20Brainiac (Ghoul Trooper) / Uncommon outfit+RarityBase card707.00
21Branded Brawler / Uncommon outfit+RarityBase card515.00
22Brite Blaster / Rare outfit+RarityBase card505.00
23Brite Bomber / Rare outfit+RarityBase card515.00
24Bunker Jonesy / Epic outfit+RarityBase card515.00
25Bunny Brawler / Epic outfit+RarityBase card404.00
26Bushranger / Rare outfit+RarityBase card505.00
27Cabbie / Uncommon outfit+RarityBase card515.00
28Cameo / Epic outfit+RarityBase card505.00
29Castor (Fire) / Epic outfit+RarityBase card717.00
30Catalyst (Snowstorm) / Legendary outfit+RarityBase card522.50
31Catrina / Epic outfit+RarityBase card515.00
32Chaos Agent (Goopy) / Epic outfit+RarityBase card723.50
33Chic / Epic outfit+RarityBase card515.00
34Chomp SR. / Legendary outfit+RarityBase card707.00
35Codename E.L.F. / Rare outfit+RarityBase card414.00
36Crackshot / Legendary outfit+RarityBase card505.00
37Criterion / Legendary outfit+RarityBase card606.00
38Crystal / Uncommon outfit+RarityBase card707.00
39Cuddle Team Leader / Legendary outfit+RarityBase card505.00
40Cutiepie / Rare outfit+RarityBase card522.50
41Dark Bomber / Dark outfit+RarityBase card606.00
42Dark Jonesy / Dark outfit+RarityBase card404.00
43Dark Rex / Dark outfit+RarityBase card606.00
44Deadeye / Legendary outfit+RarityBase card606.00
45Deadfall / Uncommon outfit+RarityBase card505.00
46Deep Sea Destroyer / Epic outfit+RarityBase card606.00
47Desert Dominator / Uncommon outfit+RarityBase card515.00
48DJ Bop / Legendary outfit+RarityBase card505.00
49DJ Yonder / Epic outfit+RarityBase card505.00
50Doggo / Epic outfit+RarityBase card723.50
51Dolph / Rare outfit+RarityBase card515.00
52Dominator / Uncommon outfit+RarityBase card522.50
53Dream / Rare outfit+RarityBase card505.00
54Dusk / Epic outfit+RarityBase card522.50
55Elmira / Epic outfit+RarityBase card505.00
56Enforcer / Legendary outfit+RarityBase card515.00
57Eon / Legendary outfit+RarityBase card606.00
58Eternal Voyager (Explorer, Cerulean) / Epic outfit+RarityBase card616.00
59Facet / Rare outfit+RarityBase card505.00
60Fennix / Rare outfit+RarityBase card522.50
61Finesse Finisher / Rare outfit+RarityBase card515.00
62First Strike Specialist / Rare outfit+RarityBase card606.00
63Flytrap / Legendary outfit+RarityBase card515.00
64Funk Ops / Epic outfit+RarityBase card606.00
65Fusion (Vex) / Legendary outfit+RarityBase card505.00
66Fyra / Epic outfit+RarityBase card404.00
67Galaxy / Epic outfit+RarityBase card606.00
68Gan (Yellow) / Rare outfit+RarityBase card606.00
69Garrison / Uncommon outfit+RarityBase card606.00
70Ginger Gunner (Burnt Frown) / Epic outfit+RarityBase card606.00
71Grill Sergeant / Uncommon outfit+RarityBase card606.00
72Grim Fable / Epic outfit+RarityBase card515.00
73Grimbles / Rare outfit+RarityBase card422.00
74Grit / Uncommon outfit+RarityBase card515.00
75Guaco / Rare outfit+RarityBase card606.00
76Gutbomb / Epic outfit+RarityBase card623.00
77Havoc / Legendary outfit+RarityBase card606.00
78Hayseed / Uncommon outfit+RarityBase card505.00
79Hazard / Rare outfit+RarityBase card505.00
80Haze (Extreme) / Rare outfit+RarityBase card505.00
81Heidi / Epic outfit+RarityBase card717.00
82Heist / Rare outfit+RarityBase card505.00
83Highland Warrior / Epic outfit+RarityBase card522.50
84Hot Zone / Rare outfit+RarityBase card404.00
85Huntress / Epic outfit+RarityBase card606.00
86Hush / Rare outfit+RarityBase card515.00
87Hybrid / Legendary outfit+RarityBase card404.00
88Inferno / Legendary outfit+RarityBase card606.00
89Journey / Rare outfit+RarityBase card616.00
90Jumpshot / Rare outfit+RarityBase card808.00
91King Flamingo / Uncommon outfit+RarityBase card606.00
92Krampus / Legendary outfit+RarityBase card505.00
93Leviathan / Legendary outfit+RarityBase card505.00
94Lil Whip / Epic outfit+RarityBase card515.00
95Love Ranger / Legendary outfitRarityBase card505.00
96Lt. Evergreen / Epic outfit+RarityBase card606.00
97Luxe (Gold) / Legendary outfit+RarityBase card515.00
98Lynx (Stage 4, Black) / Legendary outfit+RarityBase card707.00
99Manic / Uncommon outfit+RarityBase card515.00
100Match Point / Uncommon outfit+RarityBase card515.00
101Mecha Team Leader / Epic outfit+RarityBase card515.00
102Meowscles / Epic outfit+RarityBase card515.00
103Midas (Shadow) / Legendary outfit+RarityBase card522.50
104Midfield Monstrosity / Rare outfit+RarityBase card505.00
105Mogul Master / Epic outfit+RarityBase card616.00
106Moisty Merman / Legendary outfit+RarityBase card505.00
107Molten Valkyrie / Lava outfit+RarityBase card505.00
108Monks / Rare outfit+RarityBase card717.00
109Moonwalker / Epic outfit+RarityBase card515.00
110Mothmando / Epic outfit+RarityBase card707.00
111Moxie / Rare outfit+RarityBase card422.00
112Mullet Marauder / Epic outfit+RarityBase card515.00
113Noir / Epic outfit+RarityBase card505.00
114Omega / Legendary outfit+RarityBase card707.00
115Onesie / Epic outfit+RarityBase card606.00
116Oppressor / Legendary outfit+RarityBase card515.00
117Oro / Legendary outfit+RarityBase card707.00
118Outcast / Rare outfit+RarityBase card505.00
119P-1000 / Epic outfit+RarityBase card606.00
120P.A.N.D.A. Team Leader / Legendary outfit+RarityBase card606.00
121Paradox / Epic outfit+RarityBase card505.00
122Pastel / Uncommon outfit+RarityBase card505.00
123Peely / Epic outfit+RarityBase card515.00
124Peely Bone / Epic outfit+RarityBase card505.00
125Plastic Patroller (Green) / Uncommon outfit+RarityBase card606.00
126Polar Patroller / Epic outfit+RarityBase card606.00
127Prickly Patroller / Uncommon outfit+RarityBase card505.00
128Prodigy / Rare outfit+RarityBase card422.00
129Rabbit Raider / Epic outfit+RarityBase card505.00
130Rapscallion / Epic outfit+RarityBase card522.50
131Raptor (Glow) / Legendary outfit+RarityBase card414.00
132Raven / Legendary outfit+RarityBase card505.00
133Recon Ranger / Uncommon outfit+RarityBase card606.00
134Recruit (Jonesy) / Common outfit+RarityBase card616.00
135Red Jade / Uncommon outfit+RarityBase card505.00
136Relay / Uncommon outfit+RarityBase card515.00
137Remedy / Rare outfit+RarityBase card515.00
138Renegade Raider / Rare outfit+RarityBase card606.00
139Rio Grande / Rare outfit+RarityBase card515.00
140Riot / Rare outfit+RarityBase card606.00
141Rippley / Slurp outfit+RarityBase card505.00
142Riptide / Rare outfit+RarityBase card505.00
143Rogue Spider Knight / Legendary outfit+RarityBase card505.00
144Rox / Legendary outfit+RarityBase card606.00
145Ruby / Rare outfit+RarityBase card606.00
146Ruin / Legendary outfit+RarityBase card505.00
147Rust Lord / Epic outfit+RarityBase card717.00
148Sandstorm / Rare outfit+RarityBase card505.00
149Scarlet Defender / Uncommon outfit+RarityBase card414.00
150Scourge / Epic outfit+RarityBase card515.00
151Scratch / Epic outfit+RarityBase card707.00
152Shifu / Rare outfit+RarityBase card616.00
153Shiver / Epic outfit+RarityBase card515.00
154Sklaxis / Epic outfit+RarityBase card505.00
155Skye (Ghost) / Epic outfit+RarityBase card707.00
156Sledgehammer / Epic outfit+RarityBase card505.00
157Sludge / Slurp outfit+RarityBase card515.00
158Slumber (Ninja) / Epic outfit+RarityBase card522.50
159Snuggs / Rare outfit+RarityBase card606.00
160Sparkle Supreme (Reverse Disco) / Epic outfit+RarityBase card707.00
161Splode / Epic outfit+RarityBase card505.00
162Summer Drift / Epic outfit+RarityBase card515.00
163Sureshot / Uncommon outfit+RarityBase card515.00
164Swamp Stalker / Uncommon outfit+RarityBase card707.00
165Teef / Epic outfit+RarityBase card404.00
166Teknique / Epic outfit+RarityBase card505.00
167Tempest / Legendary outfit+RarityBase card606.00
168The Autumn Queen / Rare outfit+RarityBase card606.00
169The Brat / Rare outfit+RarityBase card505.00
170The Ice King (Gold) / Legendary outfit+RarityBase card505.00
171The Paradigm (White) / Rare outfit+RarityBase card515.00
172The Scientist (Dancer) / Legendary outfit+RarityBase card606.00
173TNTina / Epic outfit+RarityBase card707.00
174Tomatohead / Epic outfit+RarityBase card505.00
175Trailblazer / Epic outfit+RarityBase card515.00
176Tricera Ops / Legendary outfit+RarityBase card414.00
177Turk / Rare outfit+RarityBase card606.00
178Ultima Knight / Legendary outfit+RarityBase card606.00
179Velocity / Legendary outfit+RarityBase card505.00
180Vice / Uncommon outfit+RarityBase card505.00
181Vulture / Epic outfit+RarityBase card707.00
182Wild Card (Hearts) / Legendary outfit+RarityBase card606.00
183Wonder / Epic outfit+RarityBase card505.00
184World Warrior / Uncommon outfit+RarityBase card522.50
185Wrangler / Rare outfit+RarityBase card623.00
186Wrath (Green) / Rare outfit+RarityBase card606.00
187X-Lord (Scavenger, Crimson) / Epic outfit+RarityBase card707.00
188Yond3r (Dapper, Solid Gold) / Epic outfit+RarityBase card505.00
189Zero / Legendary outfit+RarityBase card515.00
190Zorgoton / Rare outfit+RarityBase card522.50
191Season 1+EventBase card616.00
19250 v 50 / Season 3+EventBase card515.00
193Battle Pass / Season 2+EventBase card505.00
194Battle Pass / Season 3+EventBase card515.00
195Battle Pass / Season 4+EventBase card505.00
196Battle Pass / Season 5+EventBase card616.00
197High Stakes / Season 5+EventBase card515.00
198Battle Pass / Season 6+EventBase card515.00
199Fortnitemares / Season 6+EventBase card505.00
200Battle Pass / Season 7+EventBase card515.00
201Ice Storm / Season 7+EventBase card707.00
202Battle Pass / Season 8+EventBase card505.00
203Air Royale / Season 8+EventBase card505.00
204Battle Pass / Season 9+EventBase card414.00
205The Final Showdown / Season 9+EventBase card505.00
206Fortnite World Cup / Season 9+EventBase card515.00
207Battle Pass / Season X+EventBase card707.00
208The End / Season X+EventBase card606.00
209Battle Pass / Chapter 2: Season 1+EventBase card515.00
210Fortnitemares / Chapter 2: Season 1+EventBase card505.00
21124K set+SetBase card616.00
212Advanced Forces set+SetBase card717.00
213Aerosol Assassins set+SetBase card707.00
214Air Strike set+SetBase card606.00
215Arachnid set+SetBase card606.00
216Jailbird set+SetBase card606.00
217Arcane Arts set+SetBase card723.50
218Aviation Age set+SetBase card505.00
219Banner Brigade set+SetBase card404.00
220Battle Rites set+SetBase card505.00
221Chomp set+SetBase card707.00
222Grim Medicine set+SetBase card505.00
223Dino Guard set+SetBase card505.00
224Final Reckoning set+SetBase card404.00
225Final Reckoning set+SetBase card505.00
226Fort Knight set+SetBase card515.00
227Fortnite Fever set+SetBase card505.00
228Fusion set+SetBase card515.00
229Getaway Gang set+SetBase card515.00
230Getaway Gang set+SetBase card515.00
231Goalbound set+SetBase card505.00
232Half Court setSetBase card505.00
233Hardboiled setSetBase card505.00
234Mechanimal setSetBase card505.00
235Nite Coven setSetBase card616.00
236Oktoberfest set+SetBase card723.50
237Open Water setSetBase card707.00
238Royale Hearts setSetBase card616.00
239Royale Hearts set+SetBase card606.00
240Slurp Squad set+SetBase card616.00
241Space Explorers set+SetBase card717.00
242Space Explorers set+SetBase card505.00
243Spandex Squad set+SetBase card606.00
244Storm Scavenger set+SetBase card404.00
245Stripes & Solids set+SetBase card505.00
246Sunshine & Rainbows set+SetBase card505.00
247The Leftovers set+SetBase card515.00
248Twin Turntables set+SetBase card707.00
249Western Wilds set+SetBase card515.00
250Winter Ski set+SetBase card515.00
251Bash / Epic outfit+Glowin'Glow-in-the-dark ink card515.00
252Blacklight / Epic outfit+Glowin'Glow-in-the-dark ink card522.50
253Breakpoint / Rare outfit+Glowin'Glow-in-the-dark ink card505.00
254Corrupted Voyager / Epic outfit+Glowin'Glow-in-the-dark ink card414.00
255Cryptic / Rare outfit+Glowin'Glow-in-the-dark ink card707.00
256Dante / Epic outfit+Glowin'Glow-in-the-dark ink card707.00
257Dark Vertex / Legendary outfit+Glowin'Glow-in-the-dark ink card717.00
258Dark Voyager / Legendary outfit+Glowin'Glow-in-the-dark ink card515.00
259Deadfire / Legendary outfit+Glowin'Glow-in-the-dark ink card505.00
260Fallen Love Ranger / Legendary outfit+Glowin'Glow-in-the-dark ink card531.67
261Flare / Epic outfit+Glowin'Glow-in-the-dark ink card505.00
262Ghoul Trooper / Epic outfit+Glowin'Glow-in-the-dark ink card606.00
263Hemlock / Epic outfit+Glowin'Glow-in-the-dark ink card515.00
264Hollowhead / Epic outfit+Glowin'Glow-in-the-dark ink card505.00
265Hothouse (Glow) / Epic outfit+Glowin'Glow-in-the-dark ink card606.00
266Limelight / Rare outfit+Glowin'Glow-in-the-dark ink card616.00
267Liteshow / Uncommon outfit+Glowin'Glow-in-the-dark ink card414.00
268Luminos / Epic outfit+Glowin'Glow-in-the-dark ink card414.00
269Nitelite / Uncommon outfit+Glowin'Glow-in-the-dark ink card606.00
270Ragsy (Glow) / Epic outfit+Glowin'Glow-in-the-dark ink card623.00
271Rosa / Epic outfit+Glowin'Glow-in-the-dark ink card616.00
272Skull Ranger / Rare outfit+Glowin'Glow-in-the-dark ink card616.00
273Skull Trooper (Green glow) / Epic outfit+Glowin'Glow-in-the-dark ink card505.00
274Toxin / Rare outfit+Glowin'Glow-in-the-dark ink card515.00
275Vector / Rare outfit+Glowin'Glow-in-the-dark ink card505.00
276Demi / Uncommon loading screenPosterRainbow foil card606.00
277Drift Print / Uncommon loading screenPosterRainbow foil card515.00
278Elemental / Uncommon loading screenPosterRainbow foil card505.00
279Eternal Dominance / Uncommon loading screenPosterRainbow foil card717.00
280Kindred Bears / Uncommon loading screenPosterRainbow foil card707.00
281Mecha Intensity / Uncommon loading screen+PosterRainbow foil card623.00
282Mecha Punch / Uncommon loading screenPosterRainbow foil card515.00
283Neon Tomato / Uncommon loading screenPosterRainbow foil card606.00
284Nutcracker Crew / Uncommon loading screenPosterRainbow foil card616.00
285Battle Pass X / Uncommon loading screenPosterRainbow foil card404.00
286Western Wilds Duo / Uncommon loading screen+PosterRainbow foil card515.00
287Wiggle Trooper / Uncommon loading screenPosterRainbow foil card515.00
288Bombers / Uncommon loading screenPosterRainbow foil card616.00
289Boost! / Uncommon loading screenPosterRainbow foil card606.00
290Crackshot Mural / Uncommon loading screenPosterRainbow foil card515.00
291Cuddle Up / Uncommon loading screenPosterRainbow foil card606.00
292Downtown Drift / Uncommon loading screenPosterRainbow foil card505.00
293Firewalker / Uncommon loading screenPosterRainbow foil card515.00
294Rocket Ride / Uncommon loading screenPosterRainbow foil card717.00
295Undurrr The Stars / Uncommon loading screen+PosterRainbow foil card616.00
296Brite Bomber / Uncommon sprayMovin'Lenticular material card717.00
297Plugged in / Uncommon sprayMovin'Lenticular material card505.00
298Chalk Outline / Uncommon spray+Movin'Lenticular material card422.00
299Blackheart / Legendary outfitMovin'Lenticular material card606.00
300Calamity / Legendary outfit+Movin'Lenticular material card606.00
301Dire / Legendary outfit+Movin'Lenticular material card616.00
302Drift / Legendary outfit+Movin'Lenticular material card606.00
303Fishstick / Rare outfit+Movin'Lenticular material card505.00
304Peekaboo / Epic outfit+Movin'Lenticular material card505.00
305Ragnarok / Legendary outfit+Movin'Lenticular material card515.00
306The Prisoner / Legendary outfitMovin'Lenticular material card505.00
307Jolly Jammer / Uncommon outfit+Movin'Lenticular material card515.00
308Full Tilt / Rare emote+Movin'Lenticular material card606.00
309Boing! / Epic emote+Movin'Lenticular material card606.00
310Pony Up / Rare emote+Movin'Lenticular material card707.00
311Jaywalking / Rare emote+Movin'Lenticular material card505.00
312Savor The W / Rare emote+Movin'Lenticular material card515.00
313Tra La La / Uncommon emote+Movin'Lenticular material card606.00
314Very Sneaky / Rare emote+Movin'Lenticular material card616.00
315Wavy T / Uncommon emote+Movin'Lenticular material card414.00

: Lyuba25 (599), Oksana Romanovna (5)
- : Oksana Romanovna (315)
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