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PRO SET    : 1992
: 115

Pro Set .

: Pro Set Young Indiana Jones Chronicles.

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1. - 1-95.

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- W1 3D ,
- 3D1-3D10 3D, ,
- HT1-HT8 - Hidden Treasures Fold-Outs , ,
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1992 . .
36 (10 : 7 + 3 Activity Cards).
(99% )



: C " " ( 180 ). "" " / "

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1Young Indy prepared to travel with his family-Base Card010.00
2Sitting at the Captain's table with a bunch-Base Card010.00
3In Egypt, Ind, Helen and a camel driver head-Base Card010.00
4On his first archaeological dig, Indy meets-Base Card010.00
5Pierre photographs clay seals from the 18th-Base Card010.00
6Indy and the others enter Kha's tomb and step-Base Card010.00
7Ned, Indy and Helen discover a life-sized, painted-Base Card010.00
8Indy stands as lookout while Ned searches-Base Card010.00
9Pierre denies killing Rashid. Indy discovers-Base Card010.00
10Thomas Edward Lawrence (Lawrence of Arabia)-Base Card010.00
11In 1916, Indy and his cousin Frank decide-Base Card010.00
12Indy takes off after a Villista who has-Base Card010.00
13Indy is tied up with two other prisoners, a-Base Card010.00
14Jos and Remy explain to Indy why they joined-Base Card010.00
15Indy joins the Mexican Revolution. As he helps-Base Card010.00
16Indy, Remy and Jos sit in the back of the-Base Card010.00
17Lieutenant Patton drives into the Army camp-Base Card010.00
18Villistas load explosives onto the railroad-Base Card010.00
19Jos sneaks through the crowd in Ciudad-Base Card010.00
20Indy is paralyzed by shock as he finds himself-Base Card010.00
21The Villistas retreat and camp in the desert-Base Card010.00
22Indy sneaks into Claw's hacienda and finds-Base Card010.00
23During their flight, Claw crashes through-Base Card010.00
24Francisco Villa, better known as Pancho-Base Card010.00
25Indy and his friend Remy arrive in London-Base Card010.00
26Indy boards the double-decker bus. Vicky-Base Card010.00
27Seeking safety from the zeppelin, Vicky-Base Card010.00
28Indy enters the Suffragette meeting and-Base Card010.00
29Indy and Vicky visit Helen, Indy's tutor-Base Card010.00
30Indy and Vicky hire bikes in Oxford. As they-Base Card010.00
31Indy, suited in his Belgian uniform at-Base Card010.00
32Indy meets up with Remy and his new bride-Base Card010.00
33Indy is about to board the train when he sees-Base Card010.00
34In 1940, during World War II, Winston Churchill-Base Card010.00
35Richard Medlicot, one of Professor Jones' friends-Base Card010.00
36A wagon pulls Helen, Anna and Professor Jones-Base Card010.00
37Indy meets Mr. Heller, a taxidermist from-Base Card010.00
38Indy stands in awe as Theodore Roosevelt-Base Card010.00
39Indy shows Roosevelt a drawing of the-Base Card010.00
40Indy watches the Masai kraal far below. He-Base Card010.00
41Indy's lesson includes the topic of antelopes-Base Card010.00
42Meto takes off for the plains with Indy running-Base Card010.00
43Indy and Roosevelt play checkers outside-Base Card010.00
44Meto saves Indy from a slithering snake. An-Base Card010.00
45Indy is totally lost in the bush. A large-Base Card010.00
46Meto takes Indy to the root-melon. They-Base Card010.00
47Indy, Meto, Roosevelt and the others-Base Card010.00
48It is time for Indy to leave British East-Base Card010.00
49Theodore Roosevelt, 26th President of the-Base Card010.00
50General Charles Mangin toasts to General-Base Card010.00
51General Joffre has no objections to the-Base Card010.00
52Major Marat asks the sergeant to choose-Base Card010.00
53Indy sprints through the trenches to find-Base Card010.00
54The French soldiers charge across the battle-Base Card010.00
55Indy returns from his assignment to join-Base Card010.00
56Indy writes to Ned concerning his war thoughts-Base Card010.00
57Sergeant Jean DeMille explains the basic-Base Card010.00
58Indy is sent to spy on the Germans. He reports-Base Card010.00
59Indy falls in line with the infantrymen to-Base Card010.00
60During World War I, Petain drove the Germans-Base Card010.00
61Young Indy and his mother travel in one-Base Card010.00
62Young Indy stands in front of the Great Wall-Base Card010.00
63Young Indy grabs Li and points to the man-Base Card010.00
64Young Indy climbs the steps of the Big Goose-Base Card010.00
65Indy and the others stand at the Meng-Base Card010.00
66Young Indy is very sick and stays with Mai-Ling-Base Card010.00
67Helen leaves with Ah Pin to find the America-Base Card010.00
68Helen and Ah Pin return with Dr. Morton, who-Base Card010.00
69Indy and his Askari troops swarm from the-Base Card010.00
70General Boucher orders the troops to retreat-Base Card010.00
71The Askari troops celebrate their victory-Base Card010.00
72Colonel Matthieu, Major Boucher, newly promoted-Base Card010.00
73As the expedition proceeds through the Congo-Base Card010.00
74The troops come upon a Ubangi village. It is-Base Card010.00
75Boucher refuses to take the young boy-Base Card010.00
76It is Christmas Eve, and the rain falls in-Base Card010.00
77Boucher falls to the ground, doubled over. He is-Base Card010.00
78Separatist rebels open fire on Indy and the-Base Card010.00
79The boat makes it to Port Gentil and the French-Base Card010.00
80At the age of 30, Schweitzer decided to-Base Card010.00
81Indy is determined to get the guns back to-Base Card010.00
82The crates of weapons and ammunition are-Base Card010.00
83Indy opens his eyes and thinks Germans are-Base Card010.00
84Indy screams in his delirium as he is hoisted-Base Card010.00
85The German holds a glass of water and makes-Base Card010.00
86Indy stumbles out to the boat to fix the-Base Card010.00
87Indy is huddled in a corner with his rifle-Base Card010.00
88Joseph throws his hands up in mock terror. He-Base Card010.00
89Indy seeks out the rest of his crew. He finds-Base Card010.00
90Schweitzer sits at the piano and explains-Base Card010.00
91Three natives arrive in a dugout canoe. They-Base Card010.00
92Indy and Joseph hold down the sick man as-Base Card010.00
93The villagers send Indy and Schweitzer off-Base Card010.00
94The French soldiers have orders to remove-Base Card010.00
95Indy and Remy fight the crowd to say-Base Card010.00
W13D Viewer-Chase Card010.00
3D1Young Indy as he leads the Belgian Congo3D CardsChase Card010.00
3D2Young Indy as he journeys on camelback3D CardsChase Card010.00
3D3Young Indy as he takes a break from his3D CardsChase Card010.00
3D4Young Indy as he and Teddy Roosevelt3D CardsChase Card010.00
3D5Young Indy as he takes the train to go3D CardsChase Card010.00
3D6Young Indy in Barcelona where he works3D CardsChase Card010.00
3D7Young Indy as he heads down the tomb3D CardsChase Card010.00
3D8Young Indy as he charges through the3D CardsChase Card010.00
3D9Young Indy as he runs down the railroad3D CardsChase Card010.00
3D10Young Indy as he fights alongside the Bel3D CardsChase Card010.00
HT1British East AfricaHidden Treasures Fold-OutsChase Card010.00
HT2CongoHidden Treasures Fold-OutsChase Card010.00
HT3EgyptHidden Treasures Fold-OutsChase Card010.00
HT4German East AfricaHidden Treasures Fold-OutsChase Card010.00
HT5LondonHidden Treasures Fold-OutsChase Card010.00
HT6MexicoHidden Treasures Fold-OutsChase Card010.00
HT7PekingHidden Treasures Fold-OutsChase Card010.00
HT8VerdunHidden Treasures Fold-OutsChase Card010.00
P7Ned, Indy and Helen--Promo Card010.00

: Stretford (228)
- : Stretford (115)
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