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PRO SET    : 1992
: 115

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: Pro Set Young Indiana Jones Chronicles.

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1992 . .
36 (10 : 7 + 3 Activity Cards).



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1Young Indy prepared to travel with his family--Base Card010.00
2Sitting at the Captain's table with a bunch--Base Card010.00
3In Egypt, Ind, Helen and a camel driver head--Base Card010.00
4On his first archaeological dig, Indy meets--Base Card010.00
5Pierre photographs clay seals from the 18th--Base Card010.00
6Indy and the others enter Kha's tomb and step--Base Card010.00
7Ned, Indy and Helen discover a life-sized, painted--Base Card010.00
8Indy stands as lookout while Ned searches--Base Card010.00
9Pierre denies killing Rashid. Indy discovers--Base Card010.00
10Thomas Edward Lawrence (Lawrence of Arabia)--Base Card010.00
11In 1916, Indy and his cousin Frank decide--Base Card010.00
12Indy takes off after a Villista who has--Base Card010.00
13Indy is tied up with two other prisoners, a--Base Card010.00
14Jos and Remy explain to Indy why they joined--Base Card010.00
15Indy joins the Mexican Revolution. As he helps--Base Card010.00
16Indy, Remy and Jos sit in the back of the--Base Card010.00
17Lieutenant Patton drives into the Army camp--Base Card010.00
18Villistas load explosives onto the railroad--Base Card010.00
19Jos sneaks through the crowd in Ciudad--Base Card010.00
20Indy is paralyzed by shock as he finds himself--Base Card010.00
21The Villistas retreat and camp in the desert--Base Card010.00
22Indy sneaks into Claw's hacienda and finds--Base Card010.00
23During their flight, Claw crashes through--Base Card010.00
24Francisco Villa, better known as Pancho--Base Card010.00
25Indy and his friend Remy arrive in London--Base Card010.00
26Indy boards the double-decker bus. Vicky--Base Card010.00
27Seeking safety from the zeppelin, Vicky--Base Card010.00
28Indy enters the Suffragette meeting and--Base Card010.00
29Indy and Vicky visit Helen, Indy's tutor--Base Card010.00
30Indy and Vicky hire bikes in Oxford. As they--Base Card010.00
31Indy, suited in his Belgian uniform at--Base Card010.00
32Indy meets up with Remy and his new bride--Base Card010.00
33Indy is about to board the train when he sees--Base Card010.00
34In 1940, during World War II, Winston Churchill--Base Card010.00
35Richard Medlicot, one of Professor Jones' friends--Base Card010.00
36A wagon pulls Helen, Anna and Professor Jones--Base Card010.00
37Indy meets Mr. Heller, a taxidermist from--Base Card010.00
38Indy stands in awe as Theodore Roosevelt--Base Card010.00
39Indy shows Roosevelt a drawing of the--Base Card010.00
40Indy watches the Masai kraal far below. He--Base Card010.00
41Indy's lesson includes the topic of antelopes--Base Card010.00
42Meto takes off for the plains with Indy running--Base Card010.00
43Indy and Roosevelt play checkers outside--Base Card010.00
44Meto saves Indy from a slithering snake. An--Base Card010.00
45Indy is totally lost in the bush. A large--Base Card010.00
46Meto takes Indy to the root-melon. They--Base Card010.00
47Indy, Meto, Roosevelt and the others--Base Card010.00
48It is time for Indy to leave British East--Base Card010.00
49Theodore Roosevelt, 26th President of the--Base Card010.00
50General Charles Mangin toasts to General--Base Card010.00
51General Joffre has no objections to the--Base Card010.00
52Major Marat asks the sergeant to choose--Base Card010.00
53Indy sprints through the trenches to find--Base Card010.00
54The French soldiers charge across the battle--Base Card010.00
55Indy returns from his assignment to join--Base Card010.00
56Indy writes to Ned concerning his war thoughts--Base Card010.00
57Sergeant Jean DeMille explains the basic--Base Card010.00
58Indy is sent to spy on the Germans. He reports--Base Card010.00
59Indy falls in line with the infantrymen to--Base Card010.00
60During World War I, Petain drove the Germans--Base Card010.00
61Young Indy and his mother travel in one--Base Card010.00
62Young Indy stands in front of the Great Wall--Base Card010.00
63Young Indy grabs Li and points to the man--Base Card010.00
64Young Indy climbs the steps of the Big Goose--Base Card010.00
65Indy and the others stand at the Meng--Base Card010.00
66Young Indy is very sick and stays with Mai-Ling--Base Card010.00
67Helen leaves with Ah Pin to find the America--Base Card010.00
68Helen and Ah Pin return with Dr. Morton, who--Base Card010.00
69Indy and his Askari troops swarm from the--Base Card010.00
70General Boucher orders the troops to retreat--Base Card010.00
71The Askari troops celebrate their victory--Base Card010.00
72Colonel Matthieu, Major Boucher, newly promoted--Base Card010.00
73As the expedition proceeds through the Congo--Base Card010.00
74The troops come upon a Ubangi village. It is--Base Card010.00
75Boucher refuses to take the young boy--Base Card010.00
76It is Christmas Eve, and the rain falls in--Base Card010.00
77Boucher falls to the ground, doubled over. He is--Base Card010.00
78Separatist rebels open fire on Indy and the--Base Card010.00
79The boat makes it to Port Gentil and the French--Base Card010.00
80At the age of 30, Schweitzer decided to--Base Card010.00
81Indy is determined to get the guns back to--Base Card010.00
82The crates of weapons and ammunition are--Base Card010.00
83Indy opens his eyes and thinks Germans are--Base Card010.00
84Indy screams in his delirium as he is hoisted--Base Card010.00
85The German holds a glass of water and makes--Base Card010.00
86Indy stumbles out to the boat to fix the--Base Card010.00
87Indy is huddled in a corner with his rifle--Base Card010.00
88Joseph throws his hands up in mock terror. He--Base Card010.00
89Indy seeks out the rest of his crew. He finds--Base Card010.00
90Schweitzer sits at the piano and explains--Base Card010.00
91Three natives arrive in a dugout canoe. They--Base Card010.00
92Indy and Joseph hold down the sick man as--Base Card010.00
93The villagers send Indy and Schweitzer off--Base Card010.00
94The French soldiers have orders to remove--Base Card010.00
95Indy and Remy fight the crowd to say--Base Card010.00
W13D Viewer--Chase Card010.00
3D1Young Indy as he leads the Belgian Congo-3D CardsChase Card010.00
3D2Young Indy as he journeys on camelback-3D CardsChase Card010.00
3D3Young Indy as he takes a break from his-3D CardsChase Card010.00
3D4Young Indy as he and Teddy Roosevelt-3D CardsChase Card010.00
3D5Young Indy as he takes the train to go-3D CardsChase Card010.00
3D6Young Indy in Barcelona where he works-3D CardsChase Card010.00
3D7Young Indy as he heads down the tomb-3D CardsChase Card010.00
3D8Young Indy as he charges through the-3D CardsChase Card010.00
3D9Young Indy as he runs down the railroad-3D CardsChase Card010.00
3D10Young Indy as he fights alongside the Bel-3D CardsChase Card010.00
HT1British East Africa-Hidden Treasures Fold-OutsChase Card010.00
HT2Congo-Hidden Treasures Fold-OutsChase Card010.00
HT3Egypt-Hidden Treasures Fold-OutsChase Card010.00
HT4German East Africa-Hidden Treasures Fold-OutsChase Card010.00
HT5London-Hidden Treasures Fold-OutsChase Card010.00
HT6Mexico-Hidden Treasures Fold-OutsChase Card010.00
HT7Peking-Hidden Treasures Fold-OutsChase Card010.00
HT8Verdun-Hidden Treasures Fold-OutsChase Card010.00
P7Ned, Indy and Helen--Promo Card010.00

- : Stretford (115)
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