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Topps "" NBC 1986 1990 .

: Topps Alf.

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-1B-22B Bouillabaseball,
-S-1-S-18 - Stickers.

1987 . .

48 ( 5 ++ ).



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1Title Card-Series 1Base card000.00
2Whaddya Mean This Isnt a Piano?-Series 1Base card000.00
3I Can See Its a CatBut Wheres the Soy Sauce?-Series 1Base card000.00
4I Think Ill Order the Cat of the Day.-Series 1Base card000.00
5I Use It for Scanning Hi-Frequency Interplanetary Modulationsand Watching Dr. Ruth.-Series 1Base card000.00
6Hey, How Come My Bowtie Doesnt Spin?-Series 1Base card000.00
7I Think Ill Take a Little Catting Practice.-Series 1Base card000.00
8What Do You Mean, Willie Is the Fairest One of All?-Series 1Base card000.00
9Hey, Im Supposed to Be the One With the Silly Hair.-Series 1Base card000.00
10Hi, Honey, Im Home.-Series 1Base card000.00
11Youre Right! TV Is a Lot Better When Its Plugged In!!-Series 1Base card000.00
12Smile When You Call Me Repulsive!-Series 1Base card000.00
13Now Smile and Say Cheese Cat!-Series 1Base card000.00
14Dont Look Now, But Theres an Alien Behind the Couch.-Series 1Base card000.00
15Dont Come in Yet. The Kitten Needs a Second Coat of Spaghetti Sauce.-Series 1Base card000.00
16Cheer Up. Well Stop Falling Off the Couch Eventually.-Series 1Base card000.00
17Wash the Laundry? I Thought You Said Toss the Laundry.-Series 1Base card000.00
18Would You Buy a Used Car from This Family?-Series 1Base card000.00
19Are We Having Fun Yet?-Series 1Base card000.00
20Alf, You Cant Dry Dishes by Putting Them in the Toaster.-Series 1Base card000.00
21My Earth Family Doesnt Understand Me, Doctor.-Series 1Base card000.00
22Tastes a Lot Like Calicoquille-St. Jacques.-Series 1Base card000.00
23I Told You. I Didnt Eat Lucky. Do You See a Tail Down There?-Series 1Base card000.00
24TV Dinner? Isnt the Picture Tube a Little Tough to Get Down?-Series 1Base card000.00
25Siamese on Rye, Stella. Tuck in the Tail.-Series 1Base card000.00
26Hi There. Do You Come Here Often?-Series 1Base card000.00
27Who Needs a Pot of Gold at the End of the Rainbow. Ive Got a Refrigerator.-Series 1Base card000.00
28Im Taking This to Remember You By! You Mean Our Portrait? NoYour Camera!-Series 1Base card000.00
29Operator, Id Like to Place a Collect Call to the Man in the Moon.-Series 1Base card000.00
30I Wonder If I Can Deduct Flea Powder as a Business Expense?-Series 1Base card000.00
31Get My Lawyer! Nobody Calls Me a Litterbug!-Series 1Base card000.00
32CMon, Lets Build Something FunLike a Blonde.-Series 1Base card000.00
33This Isnt Your Shirt, Willie. I Borrowed It from a Neighbors Clothesline.-Series 1Base card000.00
34What a Shame. Nothing Left to EatExcept That Pillow.-Series 1Base card000.00
35Who Ordered the Grilled Broccoli and Tuna-Flavored Soda?-Series 1Base card000.00
36Im a Melmac Doodle Dandy!-Series 1Base card000.00
37Alf, Do You Ever Stop Eating? Cant Talk Now, WillieMy Mouths Full!-Series 1Base card000.00
38So the Cats Missing. Why is Everybody Looking at Me?-Series 1Base card000.00
39Siamese & Mayo. Oh! I Thought You Said Cinco De Mayo.-Series 1Base card000.00
40Whaddya Mean Youre Trying to Get Cable? Theres Tons of It Lyin Around!-Series 1Base card000.00
41I Wanted a New Car for My BirthdayBut This Is Ridiculous!-Series 1Base card000.00
42I Dont Mind If You Go Steady. Just Not With Each Other.-Series 1Base card000.00
43Want Some Anchovies. No, But Ill Eat the Can!-Series 1Base card000.00
44Hey, Did You Stop Using Hair Spray and Switch to Jell-o?-Series 1Base card000.00
45O.K. Whos the Wise Guy Who Made Off with My Persian on Rye?-Series 1Base card000.00
46I Cant See the Future, But I Am Getting a Rerun of Diffrent Strokes.-Series 1Base card000.00
47Checklist-Series 1Base card000.00
1BGordon No Problem Shumway-BouillabaseballChase Card / Series 1000.00
2BSally Queenie Shankwipple-BouillabaseballChase Card / Series 1000.00
3BArnold P.U. Garlic-BouillabaseballChase Card / Series 1000.00
4BG. Hamilton Chickpea III-BouillabaseballChase Card / Series 1000.00
5BBob Lundquist-BouillabaseballChase Card / Series 1000.00
6BEster The Tomato Dink-BouillabaseballChase Card / Series 1000.00
7BHap Frizzbain-BouillabaseballChase Card / Series 1000.00
8BHoward Slap Happer-BouillabaseballChase Card / Series 1000.00
9BBrad Hippity Hopper-BouillabaseballChase Card / Series 1000.00
10BReginald Hoots Fang-BouillabaseballChase Card / Series 1000.00
11BMickey Mackrel-BouillabaseballChase Card / Series 1000.00
12BThor The Tank Tankersly-BouillabaseballChase Card / Series 1000.00
13BLyle The Finger Huck-BouillabaseballChase Card / Series 1000.00
14BTyrone The Shoe Horner-BouillabaseballChase Card / Series 1000.00
15BSimus Goobers Wadsworth-BouillabaseballChase Card / Series 1000.00
16BStanley Mousebreath Yikes-BouillabaseballChase Card / Series 1000.00
17BBen Choo-Choo Tramer-BouillabaseballChase Card / Series 1000.00
18BErno Whats It to Ya Sludge-BouillabaseballChase Card / Series 1000.00
19BRon Oyster-BouillabaseballChase Card / Series 1000.00
20BWilbur Scooter Pyz-BouillabaseballChase Card / Series 1000.00
21BEgbert Tiny Cartwheeler-BouillabaseballChase Card / Series 1000.00
22BSkippy The Terror Meltzer-BouillabaseballChase Card / Series 1000.00
S-1How About a Hug for the Old Alfer?-Series 1Stickers000.00
S-2Im Only 229. I Havent Hit My Prime.-Series 1Stickers000.00
S-3Youre Out of This World!-Series 1Stickers000.00
S-4Lets Have a Snack. You Got a Cat?-Series 1Stickers000.00
S-5Gimme Four!-Series 1Stickers000.00
S-6Be There or Be Square-Series 1Stickers000.00
S-7Have a SeatLets Have a Chili Cat!-Series 1Stickers000.00
S-8Willies Okayfor Someone Without Fur.-Series 1Stickers000.00
S-9Im a People Alien!-Series 1Stickers000.00
S-10A Whisker for Your Thoughts.-Series 1Stickers000.00
S-11You Remind Me of Someone I Knew Back on Melmac -Series 1Stickers000.00
S-12Happy Light Year!-Series 1Stickers000.00
S-13Hey, No Problem!-Series 1Stickers000.00
S-14Dont Be RepulsedIts a Turkey!-Series 1Stickers000.00
S-15Seasons Greetings from Alf-Series 1Stickers000.00
S-16Alf. A Girls Best Friend-Series 1Stickers000.00
S-17What Can I Say? The Kid Adores Me!-Series 1Stickers000.00
S-18Alf-Series 1Stickers000.00

- : Stretford (87)
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