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TOPPS   : 1992
: 129

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: Topps Bram Stoker's Dracula Premium Quality Movie cards.

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1. - 1-100.

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- VI1-VI9 - Vlad the Impaler Puzzle - - ,
- P1-P16 - Comic Book - 16 - , , , (1-4),
- P1-P4 - -.

1992 . .
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1Bram Stoker's Dracula--Base Card101.00
2Gary Oldman as Dracula--Base Card101.00
3Winona Ryder as Mina--Base Card101.00
4Anthony Hopkins as Prof. Van Helsing--Base Card101.00
5Keanu Reeves as Jonathan Harker--Base Card101.00
6Sadie Frost as Lucy--Base Card101.00
7Richard E. Grant as Dr. Jack Seward--Base Card101.00
8Cary Elwes as Arthur Holmwoo--Base Card101.00
9Bill Campbell as Quincey Morris--Base Card101.00
101462. A Romanian prince from the region--Base Card101.00
11Thinking that her warrior prince has--Base Card101.00
12Jonathan Harker bids his fiancee Mina--Base Card101.00
13Following specific instructions, Jonathan--Base Card101.00
14At Borgo Pass, Count Dracula's carriage...--Base Card101.00
15As an unsuspecting Jonathan Harker--Base Card101.00
16At the castle doorway, Dracula greets--Base Card101.00
17Harker sits at a large table set with--Base Card101.00
18Harker marvels at an old painting of--Base Card101.00
19"The luckiest man who walks on this--Base Card101.00
20While shaving in his room, Harker is--Base Card101.00
21Solicitor R.M. Renfield, Jonathan Harker--Base Card101.00
22Summoning his courage, Harker picks the--Base Card101.00
23In a room intended for Dracula's ladies--Base Card101.00
24Hands emerge from the undulating--Base Card101.00
25Dracula's sensuous, blood thirsty bride--Base Card101.00
26Facing his vampire brides, Dracula--Base Card101.00
27Like a fly caught in a spider's web--Base Card101.00
28There is only one way Jonathan Harker--Base Card101.00
29In the castle Chapel, Harker passes--Base Card101.00
30Deep in the castle chapel, Count Dracula--Base Card101.00
31Unleashing his fury, Harker grabs a--Base Card101.00
32At Seward's asylum, the raving Renfield--Base Card101.00
33Unaware that she is being observed by--Base Card101.00
34In the cemetery, Lucy's ghostly white--Base Card101.00
35The "wolfen" Dracula now preys on young--Base Card101.00
36In spite of his best efforts, Harker--Base Card101.00
37Lucy's relationship with Dracula is--Base Card101.00
38In broad daylight (although he avoids--Base Card101.00
39Dracula convinces Mina to accompany--Base Card101.00
40Mina breathes heavily - frightened and--Base Card101.00
41A formidable-looking gentleman, Abraham--Base Card101.00
42Even as Van Helsing arrives and is--Base Card101.00
43Van helsing pulls out his instruments--Base Card101.00
44Dracula, in his youthful form, believes--Base Card101.00
45Arthur Holmwood, Lucy's fiance, is--Base Card101.00
46Holmwood, Seward and Quincey soon--Base Card101.00
47"There are darknesses in life," Prof. ...--Base Card101.00
48Prince Dracula receives a heartbreaking--Base Card101.00
49As Harker and Mina wed, an infuriated--Base Card101.00
50Lucy, lovelier than ever, is surrounded--Base Card101.00
51Lamps flash in the dead of night as--Base Card101.00
52Holmwood recognizes the singing voice--Base Card101.00
53The vampire Lucy appears in her wedding--Base Card101.00
54Lucy approaches her former fiance...--Base Card101.00
55Armed with a crucifix, Van Helsing...--Base Card101.00
56"You may kiss her now," Van Helsing--Base Card101.00
57Mina had returned to London with Jonathan--Base Card101.00
58Mina visits Renfield at the asylum--Base Card101.00
59"He can direct the elements; the storm,..--Base Card101.00
60After examining Harker's journal, Van--Base Card101.00
61In Seward's asylum, a green mist--Base Card101.00
62Dracula holds Mina close, consummating--Base Card101.00
63Dracula, in humanoid bat form, challeng--Base Card101.00
64Thinking fast, Van Helsing splashes--Base Card101.00
65Van Helsing and his vampire hunters--Base Card101.00
66Sunrise. Van Helsing emerges, exhausted--Base Card101.00
67Along Borgo Road, a Gypsy caravan carry--Base Card101.00
68At Castle Dracula, Harker leaps upon.--Base Card101.00
69Suddenly, the lid of Dracula's coffin--Base Card101.00
70All eyes are trained on Dracula as the--Base Card101.00
71Quincey, wounded by one of the gypsies--Base Card101.00
72Mina suddenly rushes to Dracula--Base Card101.00
73Dracula shudders, blood welling up from--Base Card101.00
74In the chapel, old candles light--Base Card101.00
75Dracula's eyes roll up. He sleeps ...--Base Card101.00
76Professor Van Helsing and his team of--Base Card101.00
77Director Francis Ford Coppola emphasize--Base Card101.00
78Keanu Reeves brings the character of--Base Card101.00
79Under the watchful eye of director--Base Card101.00
80Director Francis Ford Coppola wanted--Base Card101.00
81Lucy (Sadie Frost) returns from the--Base Card101.00
82When Dracula first meets Mina in London--Base Card101.00
83Director Francis Ford Coppola is--Base Card101.00
84Camera crews shoot Borgo Pass, that--Base Card101.00
85Coppola's crew in front of Castle Dracula--Base Card101.00
86Director Francis Ford Coppola--Base Card101.00
87Before filming begins, the cinematograph--Base Card101.00
88Coppola's camer crew catches all the--Base Card101.00
89Warrior Prince Dracula--Base Card101.00
90Dracula's agony--Base Card101.00
91Jonathan Harker at Borgo Pass--Base Card101.00
92Jonathan enters Dracula's world--Base Card101.00
93Count Dracula first appears--Base Card101.00
94Harker confronts Dracula's brides--Base Card101.00
95Renfield, slave and procurer--Base Card101.00
96Dracula rises from his crypt--Base Card101.00
97In London, Dracula appears as a young--Base Card101.00
98Lucy Westenra returns--Base Card101.00
99Dracula as bat creature--Base Card101.00
100Van Helsing victorious--Base Card101.00
P1Enraged that the suicide of his-Comic BookPromo Card101.00
P2The cover for issue #2 of Bram Stoker-Comic BookPromo Card101.00
P3Here, the three brides of Dracula-Comic BookPromo Card101.00
P4A man determined and demonic in his...-Comic BookPromo Card101.00
P5Dracula's three blood lusting brides...-Comic BookPromo Card101.00
P6The cover for issue #3 of Bram Stoker...-Comic BookPromo Card101.00
P7This monstrous incarnation of Dracula...-Comic BookPromo Card101.00
P8Old Dracula as...-Comic BookPromo Card101.00
P9The aged Dracula deep...-Comic BookPromo Card101.00
P10The cover for issue #4 of Bram Stoker-Comic BookPromo Card101.00
P11Gary Oldman portrays all of the-Comic BookPromo Card101.00
P12Portrait of a man of passion: Darcula-Comic BookPromo Card101.00
P13As Mina looks on, Prof. Van Helsing-Comic BookPromo Card101.00
P14The cover for issue #1 of Bram Stoker-Comic BookPromo Card101.00
P15Mina's best friend Lucy...-Comic BookPromo Card101.00
P16Sans monster make up. Gary Oldman...-Comic BookPromo Card101.00
PC1Humanoid Bat Dracula--Promo Card101.00
PC2Humanoid Bat Dracula--Promo Card101.00
PC3Werewolf--Promo Card101.00
PC4Cover Card Promoting Comic Promos--Promo Card101.00
VI1Vlad the Impaler Art (puzzle 1)--Chase Card101.00
VI2Vlad the Impaler Art (puzzle 2)--Chase Card101.00
VI3Vlad the Impaler Art (puzzle 3)--Chase Card101.00
VI4Vlad the Impaler Art (puzzle 4)--Chase Card101.00
VI5Vlad the Impaler Art (puzzle 5)--Chase Card101.00
VI6Vlad the Impaler Art (puzzle 6)--Chase Card101.00
VI7Vlad the Impaler Art (puzzle 7)--Chase Card101.00
VI8Vlad the Impaler Art (puzzle 8)--Chase Card101.00
VI9Vlad the Impaler Art (puzzle 9)--Chase Card101.00

- : Stretford (129)
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